Government Agencies

did you ever experience a delay in the services of any government agencies? iyong tipong they are not touching your papers for some reason, one is there are people inside who are too lazy to move and process the papers in time. it was like they're gonna work on this tomorrow because its already quarter to five, situations like that. nakakainis no?

the main reason why ako naiinis is because my plan is not falling into its places. and why? because of the fu**ing embassy of the philippines in malaysia. nakakainis. sobra. its been a month since we signed the paper and ready for processing but until now we dont have any news (well we do have - the paper is still with the embassy). guys!!! move!! work!!! dont fool around.. there are some people here waiting for their job abroad. another reason for you to be ashame of. a lot of people are working abroad to profit more for their kind of job they are doing. these are the people na sabi nyo nga are helping the economy, but what kind of services do you offer?

im still thinking. gano ba kalala ang corruption sa government? pano ba ang pamamalakad ng mga ahensyang ito? alam ko kasi kailangan "maglagay" ka sa nasa loob para bumilis ng "konti" ung papers mo. when i say konti mga less than a week. sanay na ko dyan. hindi lang ako kundi ang sambayanang pilipino.

hindi ko rin alam what are the processes that is included in their system. pero ang tagal kasi. nababagalan ako. its been a month! and hindi ako sanay ng walang ginagawa guys.. and dahil sa mabagal nyong pagkilos - wala.. bum muna kmi for a while.

sana lang before 25, makaalis ako. the SOONER the BETTER..

merong mga pangarap na naghihintay ng katuparan pero dahil sa serbisyong ibinibigay ng gobyerno ay nahahadlangan.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to find a local agency in this country with any sense of urgency.

Living here all my life is a nightmare when it comes to dealing with ANY SINGLE ITEM with the government.

It has not changed and never will be until the whole race is wiped out and replaced by new blood.

(may angst ba?...he he he)