Happy Semana Santa 09


i will be out of the Metro for a while. and that means i wont be able to check the cyber space on what's happening in here. i will just take a vacation for a week or so, depending on the papers (calling Philippine Embassy again in MY!!), cause i know i will spend less when im in the province compared here in the Metro ayt?

and also, i just notice that after two years its the time again that i will experience the Holy Week in the philippines. for the past two years, i was in the US. and i dont have time to celebrate this occassion since the people in the US didnt practice it. usually we just stayed at the hotel or we go malling/shopping.

and lastly here's my prayer for this season:

Lord God, thank you for all the blessings that you give to me. Thank you for taking care of me and giving all my needs. On this time of the year, let me say it to you from the bottom of my heart, that i am so thankful and grateful for all the blessings even the trials that i have in my life. I know there is a reason. Lord God, i lift up my life unto you, you know where i will be heading. You know what you want me to do in this world. May You guide me on the right path and show me the way.

Lord God, please bless also the people who are very dear to me. You know who they are. Keep them safe and take care of them just the way you take care of me all this time.

And lastly, FORGIVE me for all of my sins. For i am only human and not perfect. i always commit daily sins. May you forgive me my Lord God. Thank you for everything.

And thats it. Happy Easter Guys!!!

For those interested in the laptop, you can still send me a message on my phone. ^_^


Leon Koh said...

seemed like there are many cute bloggers in philipines.. hehe

you have a lovely blog here.. happened to surf into it

invite you to my blog too

Richard the Lionheart said...

Happy Easter!

Denis said...

all the best DE!