one down


one down.. others to go.. lolz.. okay, first thing first i already made changes to the lay out of my blog. its kinda formal i know. for a change lang.. hehehe..

i also edited the lay out that i got from the net and i can say that i am 90 percent happy with the outcome.

i owe a lot of entries here in my blog, as my life capsule is not that 100 percent complete anymore.

need to be energized again and write all those stories..

and regarding my vacation next week, yes, sad to hear again that i will be coming back in Manila in one week's time.. i know that its like every week for this month of February I am in Manila. its like i spent half of it in Manila and half of it here in my work in Malaysia.

i will be cutting my trip by one week, as I've said in my previous post, I'm gonna cancel my plane ticket going back here and check if I can get any refund as I bought the ticket on sale. I'll just buy a new ticket going back here.

So, I hope that I can write entries on my vacation in Manila. ^_^

david.edward signing off..