Sony W55


my Sony W55 had problems the past days. the captured picture is not the same as the original color, it has turned into green or blue-ish color. and i think it has something to do with the lens. or i think because i left it on my table and with my room's aircon running, it might be a reason why my camera is acting that way now.

anyways, capturing moments for the past three years with my Sony W55 is worth it. I remember I bought it at Best Buy in Gaithersburg, Maryland after one week of being deployed in the US last 2007.

Yes, it is my first camera ever. And I was so excited that time. Jaja and I bought the same model and the same casing - a Kenneth Cole camera bag. And they are twins. They have the same color, the same battery, memory, and the casing bag.

Jaja's camera retired last year because of unexpected event in Thailand. And now my own camera is saying goodbye to me.

Actually, three years of experience with my Sony W55 is not bad. I used it twice on my US trip, from Los Angeles to New York, to Maryland, to Washington DC, to Virginia, to Georgia, to Florida. it was always with me whenever I have trips especially beaches - from Bohol to Subic to Batangas. And on my Asian trips like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

I can say that we had a lot of memories together with my Sony W55 and this post will serve as my farewell to my gadget. Yes, I will bring it to Sony Center for repair and also, I am planning to buy a new camera - still Sony.

I'll update this blog once i grabbed the newly camera and I hope before the week ends.. ^_^