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i want to do something here in my blog like changing again the lay out but seems that myself is a lazy boy right now.. all i can do is check my mails, facebook, facebook and the Magic Sing in the house.. its already Monday and work week starts now again but my weekends???? i slept from 6 PM saturday till 12 Noon of Sunday.. started the videoke session even without food in my stomach.. adik kumanta eh.. basagan ng boses.. bwahahah...

went to Mai's house to check on her baby.. cute cute ni sophie.. parang gusto ko ng baby.. wbahahah.. san ba puede? lolz..

had our dinner sa Shogun (eat all you can japanese resto) sa my Sunway Mall.. well, okay naman cya for RM 60.

and again, in one week's time ill be in Manila again.. but i think im gonna cut my vacation one week short because ive been in manila since first week of Feb and im getting bored seriously.. how i wish ibang airport naman un di ba.. but then i see some old faces sa airport.. parang wala ng thrill.. nothing is new..

all i need to do now is bumili ng pasalubong and ipacancel ung ticket and bumili ng bago going back here from Pinas kasi mas makakamura ako..

so pano, davidedward signing off..


RJ said...

Bakit babalik ka na naman sa Manila?

David Edward said...

hmm yes kuya.. un na nga un.. planned vacation ko kasi ito.. kaya i need to go..