can't sleep.. again?


okay, hindi ako makatulog ulit and i dont know why.. i slept around 10 am today but then around 5 i woke up. but if you compute it, that must be a good sleep, seven hours to be exact of straight sleep. that's my problem eversince. when i woke up and needed to stay asleep, that is where my problem comes in. i dont know how to go back to sleep. hays

anyways, while lying on my bed, i thought a lot of things. from the first time i went to the US, the condo, the apartment. it was like all of them are coming back to me. i also took a glimpse of the pictures inside my zune, and most of them are from last year's christmas party of my former company. hay.. i really miss the peepz, the team i mean. who wouldn't be? three months of being together in the US, stuck in the same car almost everyday from Monday to Sunday, went through different states only using paper maps and calculations,lolz.. who could have forget all those times... and i had a great time with them..

i really don't know what struck me. but i really need to go back to sleep but then i can't. so here i am, blogging again. im kinda active again in posting here. nyay.. hehehe.. another thing that i thought is my brother, well my youngest brother, who i am sending to school for his last sem, congrats! ahahah.. well, even my life before. i dont know, why i am thinking all of these right now. i am not sure if "homesick" is striking me back. its new to me cause i never felt like this before.. hayz..

ill try to sleep again but before that, i need to harvest first. lolz