thank God friday na.. yipee!! and it means day off na the following day but wait there's more!! my pasok sa saturday .. sigh.. my NAS move sa US site. ano ung NAS? hindi ko rin alam eh, basta alam ko papatayin ung mga physical server and the databases.. hindi ko daw alam pero i did the explanation di ba.. hehee.. actually, in our shift, that will happen on Friday night, 11:30 PM to 6:00 AM. local time would be Saturday 2:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

eh di ba we are on night shift, so it only means that after our shift on Saturday morning around 8:30 AM, we just need to wait 6 more hours to do another set of shift..

okay, Monday will be off to us. It's Columbus day in the US. hahaha.. so tuesday pa ang pasok. parang bawi lang din no because of the work that we will do on saturday. ewan.. basta gusto ko maka quota na ko ng tulog, im fine with that and to finish na itong edit ng blog ko. i know wala pa ung blog roll ko adn the cbox.

so pano? nag level up na rin ako sa facebook. level 21 na farmville ko.. ahaha.. and now, i need to take a sleep na. a long sleep.. till 9:30 pm i hope dire diretso tulog ko.. ^_^

pinas.. 19 days to go.. ^___^