new layout


i think i needed a new lay out on my blog so i decided to check the net on the new blogger themes even though i only have one hour of sleep from my yesterday's previous day shift.. gulo no? basta un na un.

i have this theme that i like but it is not functioning 100 percent as expected. as i need to put some themes here, i decided to hold of this theme for a while and then when i have some free time, ill search again and do the editing.

for now, i need to sleep more.. kumbaga sa "pokpok" gamit na gamit na ko.. sa madaling salita - antok na antok na ko..

goodnight everyone!


Noelle V. Dotillos said...

I like the color combination of this layout. ;) Tweaking this a bit would be awesome.

Micamyx said...

I love the new layout! Akala ko nasa ibang blog ako hehe mas bagay to sa personality mo, pokpok LOL

David Edward said...

@noelle - thanks for visiting.. nice to meet you.. ^_^

@mica - oo,alam ko. I AM A FLIRT.. lolz