i went to batangas last weekend to my tita's house. my main reason is to visit the dentist because im having some problem with my jacket on my mouth's left side. so i woke up so early around 6 am, which is usually i do not do. by 11 am im at my titas house na. after lunch time i went to the dentist together with my cousin.

at the clinic, i let the dentist to do her job on my mouth. i also had a filling. and lastly, i need an xray for my lower tooth also on the left side. and she told me to have a brace on my lower teeth just to fix some of the teeth i have.

well, with all the things that i had done on my mouth, i think its not practical to have braces now. why? first, it will cost me a lot. and i just spent a 40k on my first session with the dentist.
second reason, im looking for a job abroad, so it is not practical to have a brace here and i cant make any follow up every month once the braces are placed in my mouth.

thats what i did last weekend. and im back yesterday afternoon.