and im taking another step


yes. in my career life. ive submitted my resume to this company in malaysia and tomorrow i will have an interview, exam and whatsoever they will perform. actually, im really nervous on what will happen, because the last time i had an interview (applying for a job) was last year, week ago before todays date.

im not sure also on my knowledge bank if i can still depend on it. lets face the reality. its been already a year since i turned my back on AI. and now im coming back to it. im not sure if i still recall all the models, functions, codes and the things that it have. i am really nervous.

one more thing that im thinking is the people that i will be seeing there for tomorrow's exam slash interview.

im praying hard for this to happen and i hope that im going to have an easy way for this one.

pray with me. ^_^


White said...

God bless...:)

Ayel said...

God bless you! Kaya mo yan! Do your best. God will make up for you'll miss. :D Just pray!

MakMak said...

Wee! Good luck Kuya David.Edward! :)

nathadale said...

u can make it. God bless :)