okay, the day is finally over and im back at the office. actually even though im on leave yesterday, i still managed to be here by 5 pm and attended the meeting and did some paperworks needed yesterday for my todays work.

what happened? the first part of exam was okay, im sure that i did it 90%. the second one was like - WHAT IS THIS!!!! hahhaha.. i dont have enough knowledge on the questions being asked. out of 38 items, i think im only sure about 13 to 15 of my answers.

now, in the afternoon, was the interview proper. each applicant was given 30-45 minutes during interview portion to answer the questions being thrown to them and also give some details.

when its my turn on the table, and only the three of us - me and the two interviewer, i told them that im nervous, and my hands are getting colder and colder. and they told me that we will be doing an informal interview. okay as i said.

then the nearest interviewer told me at first that - "you can do some modelling". bwahahhaa.. okay, i laugh inside. and i also told them that my plan before was to become a steward. but that plan was changed. so after that the interviewer conducted the interview and after that interview i was like im groggy with all the stuff that happened. hahaha.. it was like i dont know what i said blah blah.

after that interview, i went to the office. :D


MakMak said...

Mag-modelo ka na lang kaya? Hahaha. Mas exciting ang life nun kesa sa office job. :P

RJ said...

Ano ba ang work na inaaplayan mo David Edward?

Sa tingin ko pwede ka ngang maging model.

Kailan malalaman ang resulta? God bless! o",)

South Park said...

hmmm, saan ka na pupunta? work in malaysia? pero pinag-model ka?


David Edward said...

@kuya mak - hayaan mo pag napadpad ako ng malaysia, itatry ko dun.. hahaha

@kuya rj - support po ng EDI [same application dun sa first company ko]

@kuya south park - work po sa malaysia and i really hope and i pray na sana matuloy. sabi lang po nung nag interview, i can do modelling daw, hehehe.. modestdy aside, i think nacarry ko naman ung suot ko that day - (above all others?) hahaha.. im in formal attire kuya with jacket.

South Park said...

wow pang body shots!

tanong mo kung may opening pa para makapag-apply din ako. not necessarily in Malaysia. ayaw ko kasi ng pagkain at amoy duon eh :-(

pero hindi talaga ako mag-momodel. pwede siguro kung ako ang before picture ng Gold's Gym. ha ha ha