where am i heading from this point in time?


i dont know. hahahaha.. well, i wanna start my life again far from this country. when i said far, i really mean it. US will do. but of course i need to go back to reality if i can do that. a visa is not enough just to get to the US, but most importantly a place wherein i can stay. and with the economic crisis the world is facing im not really sure if i can get a job so easily, if ever happen that i will stay there.

a lot of things and ideas are popping out in my head. do i need a new job? maybe. do i need a new place? maybe. do i need a new set of friends? maybe.

i have my resolution to do this year, for me to go back to the old me and i really hope that i can do that one by one. and im praying to my Lord God to bring me to a place where i can be happy and a place where i can start my life from the start. what about another career? hehehe

david.edward signing off.