contact lens


i had my first contact lens this afternoon. its color blue. hehehe.. nice color noh? bwahahha... my right eye fits the lens but im having a problem on my left eye. as ive always said - no pain no gain.

is it a preparation for the coming party? or just part of overhauling my whole image again? i dont know. one thing is for sure. im happy for what im doing right now..

but the only problem i have is - sobrang magastos. =))


White said...

hi david :) your contacts reminded me of own. but in my case, the problem is with my right eye - i always find it difficult to put on. result: I have not been wearing lenses for about three weeks already. i wanted to have my eyeglasses done instead. this time 'nerdy' effect na naman ako hehe

new look! :)

[you're right. magastos lang nga. but the confidence and satisfaction that you can derive from it is more than enough to compensate for the cost.]

dean said...

wow new look! pero d ko pa rin maisip maglagay ng contact lenses sa mga mata ko... i'll stick with glasses... ehehehe!!

patingin naman ng pics!

RJ said...

Wow! Ito ba ang Christmas gift ni Santa Clause sa 'yo? Or regalo mo sa sarili mo?

Maligayang Pasko, David Edward! (,"o