christmas party

im very much sure that at this time of december, most of you people had their company christmas party already. but to our beloved company, it will happen this coming Friday. haggardness!!! bwahahhaa..

we took a time off today - from 1 pm to 8 pm - from work and went to different places to find a suit /dress that we can use on the coming party. weee.. hahaha.. too bad, first three locations was such a mess. we did not find any good dress that passed our taste. last stop at around 6 pm - Baclaran! hahaha..
and on this place on earth, the gowns that our girls will use is all around the place. been here go there, fit here undress, fit there. bwahhaha..

but sadly, i only had my mask. and nothing else. tsktsk.. so i need to find an alternative what to wear on friday. hehehe.. :D