on laude batchmates


while browsing my friendster's account, i bumped into the account of these two people. i checked their profile, saw their pictures - separately on each account. i can say that im happy for them. seeing the smile that they have in their faces while looking at the camera, im sure of that they are living a meaningful and colorful life.

and who are these people? i met them on my graduation day. we seated beside each other. im on the middle. the three of us graduated with honors and that is the main reason why we are seated next to each other. we are separated from our schoolmates. we are seated near the stage.

how happy i am that at this very point in time we still know each other and we're still friends. we managed to keep our communication line open.

some say that money isnt the answer for everything. the other person from the two has been sent to the other country to do some projects there and when he came back to the country theres another assignment waiting for him - this time to a much more far place. which only means one thing - he will be away again from his family. he's single by the way. and i know that he cares so much about his family. he treasures his family. so what he did is just resigned and applied to a job he is very fit. a job that will not require him to travel a lot since he wants to enjoy the company of his friends here and of course - his loved ones.

the other one is happy and contented i think especially in her love life. i remember before i said that i like her. bwahahha.. but i know that we are good as friends and we have a different priorities in life. we are good as we are now.

the communication is very much open. but after our graduation we didnt have any chance to see each other again.

we are not that close. yes i admit that. but for me - i treat them as one of my real friends.

to jason and mylen - its already more than 3 years since we've met and up to this very moment im thankful that i met you. senti mode!. hahaha.. thanks for the friendship.

sa kulitan while graduation ceremony. to talking about pillows to eating nerds till napagalitan tau ng dean sa harap natin. hehehe.. i will treasure those moments with you guys.

ingat kayo and thanks! enjoy life to the fullest.