christmas party na!


yes naman! hahhaa.. hyper mode na naman ako.. bkit? kasi christmas party na naman mamayang gabi.. hehehe..

cyempre the hardest part of it is ung maghanap ng isusuot na damit. well, we've been to different places na we thought we could rent the clothes, but at the end we all buy the clothes that we will be using for tonight's celebration.

it was a last minute shopping - thanks to Mall of Asia! ahaha.. i found my dress for tonight. but actually i had my jacket dry clean the previous day so i thought that i could use that and i will just buy my inner clothes. and then we went to this rental shop and i had my tuxedo.

last stop was the mall - okay the initial plan was just to buy these things: long sleeves, vest, slacks and other things that i need for tonights party. my budget? i dont know! bwahahha...

and i ended how many things? i bought a suit. well yeah. at first i thought the rented tuxedo was just fine but when i fit this one and it suits me - i guess i need to buy that suit so that i could have another one. next was the long sleeves, then the slacks then the inner sando. what else? nothing! thats all i bought last night. and i spent a lot for those clothes.

for my suit tonight only three things will be coming from my closet: my boxer brief, my socks and my leather shoes. hahahaha..

di ko naman pinaghandaan itong event na ito. Awards night kasi.. bwahahha.. ill post my pix here next time. ;)


South Park said...

hope you had a blast DE.