the wine


i never tried to drink an alcoholic drink before, not once. my cousins and my tito's are asking me to drink with them everytime there was a party at home before. from san mig light to black label to johnny walker. i know that those times devil are working on me. hahahhaa..

i came to a decision that i will try the "wine". our college dean told me thats its okay to drink as long as it is wine, because it is not like other alcoholic drink that has high alcohol level. and for social gathering, i need to be familiar with this type of alcohol beverage.

i dropped by at SM hypermart before going home and chose Carlo Rossi wine - white wine to be exact. a one bottle will make a difference on my life. if i will continue and try to drink wine or not. it will take a lot of courage from my within to try this one.

i put it first in the fridge the time i got home and after more than an hour, im finally pouring some liquids of that alcohol to my glass. am i excited? a little bit. cause i really dont know whats the taste and what to expect. but based on the smell, i dont like it. hahahhaa

i tasted it, one sip after the other. three to five sips are okay, but i still dont like the taste. definitely not. then on the next sip the feeling that i want to puke because of the smell and the taste. that is the time ive told myself to stop. just drink your softdrinks rather that the "wine". hahahaha

i dont know if i will still try to taste it. maybe the red wine tomorrow. which one is better? the red or the white?

"the devil"


RJ said...

Baka ang mga inuming ito ay magiging sanhi ng pagbabago ng equation, bro:

hangover + pimples + haggard = ampangit ko na!

[Medyo 'di rin ako mahilig sa mga inuming may alcohol, mapait!]

Suzaku Lace said...

the Carlo Rossi red is good. I have it in my house pero di pa bukas haha :)

I tasted it first in some gathering and it does not have that strong alcohol taste.

I haven't tried the Carlo Rossi white. Im also in search for a sparkling white wine. Thanks for the review!

White said...

hmnnnn...wines wines wines

Carlo Rossi is like tuba. Try J. Moreau Rouge (French, semi-dry red wine) or a Pinot Grigio for white (the best!). If you want, you can also try these: Chilean shiraz, Spanish rioja (you can have your brand of choice)

sparkling wine? try Blue Nun Gold edition (German, with edible gold dust)..but I doubt if it is still being marketed here in the Philippines. with reasonable price too.


David Edward said...

kuya white - ang paet kasi sobra! promise.. first time ko pa naman uminom ng alak.. harhar.. :D

my-so-called-Quest said...

niyaya kita nung isang bes e. beer agad dapat ininum mo. hehhe

pero try mo nga sparkling wine muna. kami kasi pag may birthday sa bahay or holidays like pasko merong wine palagi=]

White said...

David, try mo lang inom muna flavored wine like novelino. Hehe sanayan lang actually. It's best with your dinner. :)

tagay tayo doc ced? Haha

David Edward said...

thanks po sa suggestions.. :D

maybe sasanayin ko lang ung sarili ko sa amoy ng wine..

pero wine lang po talga.. not beer or any other alcoholic drink at the moment.

cguro sunod - champagne.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

red is better. try novellino.

Lester said...

Edward, wag mo nang i-try ang champagne. Maiinis ka lang. Red wine na lang talaga.

Anonymous said...

why don't you try chardonnay or shiraz from yellow tail (australia). I think you'll like the taste. I know some wines taste like vinegar.

dean said...

"one bottle will make a difference on my life"

o bat magtry ka pa ng isa pa? hehe! mukhang nagustuhan mo a!