im not feeling well at the moment. it started last monday and up to now, i still feel the same. sometimes it is gone but then when i did not notice it for a little while im feeling a bit odd again. sigh..

hope that i can make a leave. sick leave. when all these work are done.

*no stress no stress no stress..


MakMak said...

"Just tell uh, it, to the left, left left..."

Pagaling ka Kuya David.Edward. ;P

South Park said...

lots of liquid, rest and 1000 mg of vitamin c should do the trick.

RJ said...

I'm epecting na may bagong 'equation' kang magagawa kapag may sakit ka.

SICK + x + y = z

Get well soon! Magpa-check ka kaya kay My So Called Quest?

White said...

Just take it easy. It's stress.