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1. im a vain person. for regular day, i take a bath before going to work and at night before going to sleep.

2. im using a whitening soap and i take gluthathione. :D

3. i love sleeping. that is the reason why i do have lot of pillows beside me when i sleep. ;)

4. i love travelling. going to different places and meeting different kind of persons.

5. im shy at first meeting. im reserved. pero once to know you a little bit more and im comfortable being with you, riot na ito.. hahhaha

6. i love clothes, shoes, bags, jackets, watches. mga things na i dont have when i was a kid. iyong tipong you only had what you need. pero ngaun, im buying all of these things with my own money.. hahhaa.. enjoy!

7. i always make sure that i look presentable when i meet other people for the first time. but in the US, i already tried having my grocery ng nakapajama lang! while snowing outside. hahaha.. "look mommy he's wearing his pajama" - bwahhaa.. sinapak na sana natin ate ja ung bata.

8. my mother died when i was 5 and my father re-married again after 3 years. my lola took care of me when i was still a kid but she passed away last 2006.

9. i dont know the feeling of having a complete family, i dont even know how to have a father. all i know is that im so independent that i can celebrate christmas and new year all by myself.

10. i love my friends. they are my family. they are the one who stands beside me and always understand me. especially my high school friends. ;)

you can answer this if you want. :D


dazedblu said...

droppin' by XD kewl tag.