when you dont know how to start again


i dont know how to come back again at writing on my precious blog.

i still want to write what happened about me but something is stopping me from doing it.

i dont know.

what i just wanna do now is to sleep, sleep and sleep.

and one more thing that im wishing, my better half. hahaha.. i need to find that someone special..


MakMak said...

Huwaw. better half na to. Hahaha.

Kaya mo yan Kuya. Ako din tinatamad lately magsulat. Pero phase lang yan. Find something that interests you - Shoes. :P

White said...

sabi nga ng mga "gurus", freewriting. hehe :)

seriously, even with just a one-sentence post will not matter. malay mo that statement will will find its right place in the annals of your own history. :) sabi mo nga "precious blog" di ba?

bena said...

you'll find your better half in time.. hihihi.. gudluck! =p

arjhay said...

hmmmn...at your age medyo matanda ka na nga para wala pang better half! Joke lang po! hehehe! paano po ba mag apply as your better half? Joke ulit! There are times in our life that we want to surrender, we want to give up but is it really what we want? Try to think it again! There are things in our life that we can not have on the time we want it because only the one from up above knows the right time and the right place to the right person. Life is always beautiful there are lot of things we can do today that will make us a better person tomorrow. You might be tired but life must always go on. Marami pang mga magagandang bagay na mangyayari sa buhay natin! hehehe! Nakakapagod ang pag susulat pero isipin mo na lang na may mga taong nagkakaroon ng inspiration sa iyong pagsusulat.