this is my own battle..

yep. indeed my own battle. a battle between a son and a father. a son who has been far away from home more than 7 years ago. a son who have live his life the way he imagined. a father who has a second family to take care of. a son who has his share of struggles in this world.

a father and a son. not too close. with personal differences. a father who disown his own child. a son who sees there is no difference before and after. disowning him as a son does'nt even bother him a bit. why is that?

a talk. happened a week ago. a son who wanna settle things with his own father. home sweet home. there was no home to call after all. a talk that lasted less than an hour. a crying father. a strong son.

father saying sorry while crying. son is just listening.

explaining things will not erase what happened many years ago. it gives you another reason why it happened. keeping an open mind. not blaming anyone.

son did not say all the hatred and grudges he have. mouth shut. saying only yes, maybe.

no tears fell on his cheek. not even a single tear formed in his eyes.

this is me. strong. matured. stone hearted. a new personality. that even the father was also amazed by the change.

this is me. i am david.


White said...

aw, this made me remember my own confrontation not with my father but with my mother. but it was me who's talking the whole time. that was the first and the last time though. i just released everything. after that, it's been years that i have come home to visit them.

i don't know with your case, but in those years that i have been living away from them, i came to realize that i actually love my parents.


dean said...

closed chapter na ba ng buhay mo?

dean said...
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nan said...

i'm touched. sana nagkapatawaran na nga kayo :)

The Mikologist said...

iniisip ko tuloy how my father and i will have our confrontation...
uuwi na sya from abroad,
at malamang,
we're going to have long talk mostly revolving on reason why i can't get anyone pregnant(when he pleadingly asked for a grandchild)...
i'm just gonna say "look dad, ang mga nakakaulayaw ko, walang matris, period." then shut up na ko like you did. hehehe.

thanks for sharing.