Residence Inn Tallahassee North/I-10 Capital Circle

Name of the Hotel: Residence Inn by Marriott
Branch: Residence Inn Tallahassee North/I-10 Capital Circle
City: Tallahassee
State: Florida

Comments: Missing things inside our rooms. 2 cameras, watch, clothes, and quarters.
Just please have an extra time to think if you're going to stay at this hotel, based on our experience we lost things while we are not inside the room.

we reported the first stuff that was lost a month ago (G9 camera), and the action was only this week and we even dont know who is the suspect. the manager didnt even tell us about this.

Missing: G9 Camera, Canon Camera, Fossil Silver watch, Polo, Quarters (in different rooms we are renting).

What would they expect from us??? i emailed the customer service of Marriott feeling that the manager here is doing nothing.
just want to make a report about the hotel that im staying right now. Residence Inn I10, Tallahassee Fl.
We are losing things at this hotel lately. A month ago, a digicam from one of our rented room was missing. It is
placed inside the drawer. The second item missing was my watch. It is placed on the bedside table. The third time, a
camera also from our group, clothes on the fourth time, and on the fifth time its MONEY.
I dont know whats happening here when we are in the office, we are currently renting more than 5 rooms here for a
business visit, but with whats happening recently, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!
The fact that someone is entering the room when we are not present is not a right thing to do. Who else have the
access to the room aside from us? who can give key card to gain access to our rooms? Why all these things are
happening to our group? Dont they stand by your hotel name "MARRIOTT"? that when you say youre staying at Marriott,
you are safe and secured at their premises? what will be the next item that will be lost? Every room that we have,
we have something that is missing.
When we reported the missing camera, we waited for more than a month before they make any action or if they are
doing any action up to now.
The group are still staying at this hotel but with THE FEAR THAT EVERYTIME WE GET OUT OF THE ROOM AND THE TIME WE
Could you please investigate whats happening with your branch here????
The manager said that the hotel is not liable for any loss... If the area is secured and no one is entering our
room, nothing will be missing, and thats for sure...
Should we still keep in mind that when other people say they are staying at Marriott they are not in good hands and
Please have this incident investigated up to the upper management. I dont like what the culprit is doing to us. And
its happening to your hotel premises..

We need an immediate action on this..
Im not gonna say thank you because of the incidents happening with my stay here and my group.

and what they answered to me:

Dear Edward Santos,

Thank you for contacting Marriott Customer Care regarding the Residence Inn Tallahassee North/I-10 Capital Circle. Please accept our apology for the frustration you experienced.

Our records indicate that you are currently a guest in the hotel. We have contacted Yvonne Burks, the General Manager, and requested that you are contacted as soon as possible to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns. Feedback from guests such as yourself helps us to provide the outstanding service for which Marriott is known. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.

If we can be of further assistance, we invite you to reply to this email.

Thank you for choosing Marriott.

Marriott Customer Care

kamusta naman di ba? after a month nga na nireport walang ginawa, ano yan? parang sorry na lang? Pun**** sila.. nanggigigil ako sa totoo lang...

the time na nwala watch ko, i did not report it. sabi ko baka namisplace ko lang or nalagay ko lang d2. but then, i already packed all my things and my watch is not showing up. ano un? the last time na nakita ko un was on my bedside table. and now it is gone, magaling cyang pumili ng relo ah.. sa mga relo ko na nasa table, iyon pa ung kinuha.. PI ka!!

when i lost my watch, hindi ko na nireport because sabi ko relo lang naman iyon, my mga nabili naman akong bago. but then, when the time na pera na ung nawawala ANO NA ITO??? GAGUHAN sa loob ng hotel?? ninanakawan ka sa loob ng kwarto mo sa hotel???

aun ung time na bumaba na ko sa front desk and confronted the staff. sobrang tindi na ng galit ko, dahil hindi na ko natutuwa.. ang daming nawawala tapos sa grupo lang namin? ano ito? lokohan? Target nyo kami? well, wait lang kung ano na magaganap sa mga susunod na araw...

sa tingin nyo ba babalik pa ko sa Marriott?? peste! at sagutin ka pa ng manager na we are not liable for any loss in your room.. PI ka! sino ba my access sa kwarto namin? eh wala naman kami dun? SINO PA??!! SINO??!! pakisagot nga! my sagot pa na, "i can give you back the quarters". hay naku.. grrr! nakakapangigil ng laman.

hindi ako palamurang tao, pero this time ang sarap magmura sa mga taong katulad nila!!!


paolo said...

this is bad. i should stay away from the Marriott.

MakMak said...

Now I'm paranoid.
Though I hope that your complaint be acted upon properly and immediately at the very least. Unless they'd be able to return those items.

This is really an unfortunate story. :(