i want the world to know.

im coming! im coming home! i want the world to know.. hahahha.. im really coming home soon. as in really really soon. im starting to pack my things and by the way things are going, im over super excess on the baggage limit by the airlines. hahaha.. well, i already packed my two luggages which the other one is just new, just bought it this afternoon. and i just placed all the pasalubong firsts. potek! ang dami ah.. puno na, i dont have any space for my shoes and my bags, oh not to forget my clothes. sigh.. right now the total luggages/box in the room: 2 70lbs luggages, 2 medium size box, one 23x23x20 size box. not included are the clothes in the closet which i will still be using, my undies, my socks, my shoes that im using, toiletries, my other laptop, camera and other gadgets that i have. so many things to pack pa. pero we're going to make a shipment for the excess stuff. my clothes!!! my shoes!!! and my bags!!! waaa.a. i just really bought a lot. the impulsive buyer inside me just strike this time.

compared again to my trip last year on the land of Uncle Sam, the stuff that i have right now is thrice of what ive had last year. so its very madami na. clothes pa lang, more than 50 na ung nabili ko, not included ung mga pants. well, sa shoes naman, i got 10 pairs of shoes. making it twelve, add the two shoes that i brought here. :D pictures of that next time.

super busy to the maximum level. first thing that i will do when i get back is to go to the facial salon. peeling ng mukha. parang i feel na sobrang dumi na nya. and im expecting the person who will performing the "surgery" on my face will tell me, "sir matagal na po kayo huling nagpalinis ng mukha no?".. yeah right! its more than three months.. imagine, for three months i dont have any facial. sigh. pero ok lang, im not that panget pa naman.. hahaha..

well, antok na ko and pagod.. TGIF na mamaya.. hays.. so ingat! ung picture di ko maedit. busy pa kasi talaga.. hehehe


ikay said...

treat me a coffee naman if you're home na. haha!

MakMak said...

wondering why your page doesn't load properly in my laptop. :(