konting update...

its now tuesday night, so three more days and weekend na naman. ang dami kong dapat isulat but when the time came i logged in to my account, parang nawawala lahat ng gusto kong isulat. so konting update lang.

training pa rin. there are lot of things pa rin na dapat matuklasan and malaman. need to memorize ung mga structure, segment name and fields, and im telling you - it is not an easy task. unlike before na sasabihin ko lang na pag umulit ang LIN ganito dapat, mandatory si ganito, optional si ganyan. now? its a lot different. i cant see the structure through my model. i need to open documents to see how it works. reference talga. time can only tell when i will be ready but of course i need to teach myself absorbing the details being discuss sa training.

7 more weeks and ill be coming back. ung mga pasalubong, medyo marami na rin, 3/4 of my 70 lbs luggage is already full of pasalubong without my clothes. eh im planning to buy more clothes pa naman.. hahaha.. so wish me luck, hope not to ship again some of my shirts. tsktsk..

so un muna sa ngayon, ill find a time to catch up and idetail dito of all the happenings here.

david.edward signing off!