US VISA Interview - 2008

I went again to US Embassy in Manila for my visa interview last February 12, 2008. My appointment time? 7:15 am. US Embassy advise everyone who have an interview to come at least an hour before the scheduled time. So because of this, I need to be there at around 6 or 6:15 am. So I prepared myself to be ready for the interview, reviewed my things and my script. Aimee went to the unit and we went to embassy together.

First stop was the line entering the facility. Lot of guards are roaming in the area – checking the lines of the people and making sure that those who are on the line are the people only for that specific interview time. Someone will check your form if you have filled-out the form completely. If not, they will tell you which field you need to provide information. After that, there is this person in a desk who will ask your name and check it on the list, he will also ask for your passport. If your name is on the list, you can enter the x-ray screening, but you will need to take the line. The x-ray or the screening area is like what the airports do. They will ask you to put your things in a plastic container and it will pass the x-ray machine. And then you will also pass through a detector, and a policeman is right after that detector machine to inspect your body before you can get out of that place. If you’re cleared, you can go to the Pavilion wherein you need to submit your documents and to have a number for your appointment with the consul. On this line, they will ask your passport and put sticker on it. Remove the coverings from your passport.

You need to wait for how many minutes before the actual interview. A person in-charge at the finger scanning will call random numbers, then they will go to the finger scanning window, the person behind the window will ask your name, and your birthday. Make sure that your hands are clean and no moist. After verifying your information, the officer will ask you to place your four fingers (left first – excluding thumb) on the scanning device and after a successful scan, your right fingers will go next. Lastly are the two thumbs of your left and right fingers together. After that, you will go inside the building for your actual interview with the consul. We seated there and waited for our number to flash on the screen and which window we will have our interview. Honestly speaking, because of the previous experience and stories I don’t want to be interviewed by a man consul. Lady is better at the interview based on my experience from the previous year.

When my number flashes and I cant see who is the person in-charge on the window I’m assigned, I just go in line on that window and just be amazed that it is a guy, and I told to myself – “Goodluck Edward!”. So there. After the interview of the person in front of me, I went to the window and gave my papers. The PIP is not included in the papers I submitted before at the Pavilion, so I gave my PIP not stapled on my papers. And I’m nervous that he might get mad because of that, but he accepted it. After receiving my paper, he typed first on his computer and just continue typing, after a while he asked me questions:

Consul: Why are you going to the United States?
Me: Training
Consul: How many times have you been in the US?
Me: Once, last year.
Consul: For how long?
Me: 3 months.

And it ended there. He stamped my previous VISA with “Cancelled without Prejudice”. He typed again in his computer and then gave me the yellow card, told me that he will be giving me a VISA and I just need to go to Pavilion and pay for the delivery fee of my passport. I said “Thank You” as I’m okay and very much satisfied with the result.

Three simple questions that will give me another VISA. Unlike on my first interview that lot of things has been questioned.

So next stop? DELBROS. Filled-out the sheet of paper, paid the fee and went to the office.

Appearance is a very helpful thing in a situation like this, but im not saying that I am good looking, I am just presentable during that time. Hahhaha.. In a business manner.

so whats next? my passport! first try of sending it was at the condo, but to no avail since i did not leave any authorization letter. second time, i left an authorization to the guards and an id. good thing though cause they gave it to the guard. :)

so what the store have for me? a 10 years VISA. multiple entry.. thanks to my God. at least for 10 years i dont need to worry anymore regarding my VISA.

pictures below are my old VISA and my new VISA.

just removed some important details.. :p


dean said...

R Visa? is that for real?

kyels said...

Kuya, kamusta po?!


I've been busy naman and when will you be doing again?

john be anonymous said...

i see, ganun pala pagkuha ng US visa dito sa Pinas. Mine kase I got from other country, no questions ask, just needed your personal appearance. I got din a 10 year M visa. Pero bat R ung visa mo, sakin is B1/B2, diba pang religious something ung ganyan.. wala lang.. :)

david.edward said...

@dean and john - hindi po R type ung Visa ko.. hindi pa naman po ako magpapari.. hehehe..

@kyels - tagal ko ng di nakadalaw sa site mo kasi feeling ko sobrang busy ako dati sa previous job ko. :D. ingats ka po lagi.. ;)


im a newbie in here.. anw, congrats sa visa!!! where in US ka pupunta? (personal ba?) lol.