hard disk..


i bought the external hard disk yesterday, and thank god to the SL pay. i mean our Sick Leaves are converterd into cash. but can you imagine, the TAX that they got from me is more than "four thousand pesos" . grabe! and a total of more than "six thousand pesos" in one payroll. aside from the tax from our SL, the usual tax from our salary every payday. ang laki ng binawas nila! and i really felt bad about it. i mean, we should pay our tax but not that high. sigh. so un.

i finished my one week night shift. and i can say, kaya pa. hehehe.. and there was one incident, i sent a message through a communicator ( office communicator) to one person, our counterpart and told him that i have a query about my project that night. and he asked me if i was in Manila ( he was from the US), and i answered yes and he also asked what time is it, so i also answered 3 am. then he told me "what are you working so early?". hahaha.. and i replied taht we are on a night shift doing projects and to suppport. hahaha.. he just said cool.. :p

till here.. david edward