Dec. 31 post.

woke up late cause of what we did yesterday. i opened my eyes at past 1 in the afternoon and still laid on my bed till past 2. then i went to my titas house and brought the ube/halaya. and then i stayed a little while and help them in the store, and refilled purified water for the customers. when i went back home, ate told me that we will go to the mall and bought gifts, and then i took a bath and were headed shangrila plaza mall, when we entered the mall we asked the guard till what time the mall is open and they told us 7 pm. so we were in a hurry to have all the gifts that we need. after we bought some gifts, ate left me at the mall and went to megamall. i followed her after all the gifts have been wrapped. we finished around 8:30 pm. then we headed back home. and while waiting kuya jimmy to fetch us, we stayed in starbucks and then my phone dropped at the floor! sigh.. but it is still working, but i have planned of buying a new one sooner. then when we reached the house, my nephews and nieces are all dressed and the planned to attend a mass around 10 pm is not possible cause there was no mass at that time, the sources told the press (joke!).. hehehe.. so we just went to my titas house and wait until new year came.

it was the usual new year, the way we celebrated it the past years, and when ate and my cousins wife throw coins composed of 5 peso coins, we were onto the floor all! hahaha..imagine me. well, i collected 285 pesos worth of 5 peso coins and now it is on my coin bank here at the office.

went home around 2 am and stayed at the living room and guarded the house from the insiders! hehehe.. it was the maid doing some miracles with the driver, so i stayed there and eat the fruits on the table, so when ate came home, i went upstairs and started my sleep. was a tiring one.. hehehe...

wheres my gift?