december 30th post..


today is the 30th of december, just came home since yesterday. the reason is that i slept in the office. and then i only had 3-4 hours of sleep in a not so comfortable place so called "carpet" under my cube. anyways, woke up around 8 am then prepared things and shut down my pc ( which i will miss for 3 days ). after their shift (Val and Ate Goldie) we headed to SM Megamall and we watched "Kasal Kasali Kasalo" on its 11 am playtime Cinema 9. and thats the purpose of our gala today. ehehehe.. then after watching the movie, Ate Goldie left first because she has her own lakad, me and val were just together strolling inside the mall. we ate at Tokyo Teriyaki House by Tokyo Tokyo at the Foodcourt. but before that we went to department store and i bought tshirts which i didnt plan to buy. my plan was just to buy a gift, one gift for one person, but i ended buying myself four tshirts. thanks god that the 2 pcs of shirt are on sale, at least i can say that i saved money for that. hehehe.. then after eating lunch around 3:30 pm ( yes.. having lunch at 3:30 cause the movie ended i think past 1 pm). after we had lunch, we decided to watch another movie, this time Mano Po 5. but before that we went to Papemel to bought some gift stuffs (courtesy of val) for our officemates. we are at the cinema again around 4:15 and then we bought our tickets and just strolled again for the second time, but this time while waiting the time flies, we watched the garfield "mini fasion show", mini cause kids are the models. heheh.. cute! those synchronize steps of the little girls but the boys should have at least a poise while walking on the catwalk. we entered the cinema around 5 pm and watched trailers for the movies that will be shown next year. movie ended 7:30 after that we headed to cyberzone and i found external hard disk for only 4200 (130 or 160 GB i think).. hehehe... we'll be going to buy that next month using our SIP in our credit card. wahhaha.. i also canvassed the price of my target phone next year. sigh.. so many things i plan to buy next year. but for now, i need to be thrifty enough to buy all those things and be happy again! wahahaha..