sleepy and tired..


7:23 pm, computer clock. im sleepy and i have a runny nose. and my throats are not in good condition. but later this afternoon, we bought an ice cream and pizza for the committee, and knowing my throat condition, i still manage to ate ice creams..:p

im tired. not because of work. hihi.. but because of the badminton game we played this morning. well. goodluck to us, and to the tournament that we are going to join,. hope to win.. hahhaha..

still have one new map, deadline on thursday and tomorrow, im on leave - half day. i need to do the test and finish it by tomorrow.


Billycoy said...

chilies have higher vitamin c than oranges, get a dose with it. and chicken soup, ginger tea, and garlic may help

KJ said...

"One word is enough for a wise man"
Dahil may topak nanaman ang browser ko, dito nalang ako sa comment magtatag. Naaliw ako sa motto mo, pareho kasi tayo. :D Wala lang.

Anyway, goodluck sa tournament at salamat sa pagdaan. :D

kyels said...

Good luck to you and the team for the badminton tournament!


Get more rest and take care of the sore throat and runny nose.

Pucle said...

good luck! hope u win! :-)

billycoy's suggestion >> effective yun. :-)
get well soon..
be cool!

God bless... :-)

potpot said...

kain ka po ng food na rich in vit c.. hehehe.. tapos, aun.. wag ka kakain ng ice cream.. sige ka .. kaw din.. lalala yan