graduation and welcome back.

yesterday's was my ate's graduation. yes. she took nursing as a second course like other filipino who wants to go abroad and find better opportunity there. anyways, i left the office around past 12 and went home right after, ive been with them (me, ate, tito and the yaya) to PICC. the graduation time is 2:00 pm but we left house around quarter to 2. hehehe.. then we arrived at PICC around 2:30 i think, not sure about the time cause i dont pay much attention to it. then, at the gate you can see vendors of corsage and you can buy it for P60.00 per piece. actually, i asked ate if they have that inside, but unfortunately none. hmm. okay next was the graduation proper, there are lots of graduates, more than 800 people and take note also of the billiards competition taking place at the same venue. i like the design of the stage and the lights together the sounds that the violin players(? dont know what they called) play for the graduates,. Graduates compose of masterals, doctorals and the bs courses including nursing and the radiology. the graduates came from 2nd floor and then they walked down the stairs with arc sorrounded and designed by flowers. like in a debut. hehehe..then at that venue, i also saw Mr. Cordero, the controversial PNA president. actually his speech is good. and i like what he said: "Siraan mo ang kapwa mo Pilipino, sira ang propesyon sa buong mundo", something like that., which i think is this, just to have power, you will destroy other people's dignity to uplift your own, but doing that will not only affect that person but the whole institution. what else happened? well the doxology is the same with my last years graduation, they sang the song of Josh Groban and Charlotte Church rendition of "The Prayer", personally i like the song,. then i also remember my graduation rites wherein i sat in front (the reason why even my surname starts with letter S? secret! whahaha)..then the speech of the guest speaker took so long to finished, sigh. then the graduation rites itself. the ceremony ended around 7:40. what im waiting there is the honor students. who among them are the chosen one? hahaha.joke...actually, there is one student who made her speech., dont know if she is the one who have the highest GPA. eheheh.. then we reached home around 9 pm. and we had a small gathering because of that.

welcome back.
welcome back to kuya jim! yehey! he is ates husband, he just came back from US (on the same day) where he had a job as seaman. well, the most preicous gift came from her husband itself. :)

so thats what happened last night, i slept past 12 am because of thinking,. thinking of someone. waaa...:(

okay, now ill tell you why i sat in front during our graduation.. i graduated with honors. but i paid my grades..wahahaha...joke! i dont have the money to pay for it noh.

gonna post my pics here next time..


kyels said...

Yep, it sucks when we're thinking about someone ... Boo.

Congratulations to your Ate!


Lyza said...

I envy you for you get honors. HAHA! But I guess someone like you, who probably study, deserves the front row seats. HAHA :D