Lost . Defects. Projects



my watch was lost inside my room (with my brother). i dont know who got it from where i put it. the last time i wore it was was when i went to Bataan together with my tita. thinking that only maids are left inside the house and the driver. cant help but to think bad. sigh. that watch was a gift from ate way back first year college, so its been 5 years in my responsibility.


had a lot of defects on my new map. sigh. im now thinking on how i can regain those defects in my other maps. i hope that i can recover from those defects.


lot of projects are coming in our way on this last quarter of the year. goodluck to all the developers. GO EMEA Team B. hehehe.

8 pm
my QA (ate grace) already sent her status report regarding my map. to sum it all, i have 5 defects for new map. thanks. 7 is the maximum allowed defects. :)


kyels said...

What do you mean by the defects on the map and what map are you working on?

I hope you will be able to find the watch. It definitely is a significant one knowing that it was given to you by your Ate.

abel said...

seems distracted? relax and take it easy buddy :)