the yearbook..


i woke up too early today cause i went to school hoping to get my yearbook and to meet my friend whom i did not see for a long time now, so we decided to meet at around 8 o'clock in the morning at jollibee. i was at the school gate before 8 since it took me 15 mins from our house to go there, and i kept texting her if where she was, and when i saw her shadow, whoaa! and who are you? hahaha...then first stop CR, she needs to freshen up herself, hay girl thing...hehehe, but im not complaining, then whe looked at the bulletin board and at the pictures posted on it, and recognizing the faces in front of us? we dont know even one of the faces we saw! wahahha...ive graduated a year ago and she, just this year, but there are lot of new students,. tsk tsk,..but its ok, ok? its not a problem with us..then after that, next stop, see if i can get my yearbook, and to no avail, i cant. why? because sir ronnie told me that the releasing of the yearbook will be next week, because they need to see if there are still some errors can be found on that yearbook. ok..i cant do anything but to wait till next week to get my copy of yearbook, but i have a glimpse of it! wohoo! i saw it na,. and there is no error naman to my data eh,. it is my face, that is my address, and all information under my picture is all correct. yehey! but there are some comments i want to voice out regarding the yearbook. first, the message on the second page or third page of that yearbook, the background is light yellow and the text color is white, the question is, how can you read the text of the message? think think and think..common sense to the people who printed it out and not gave an eye to taht error. tsk tsk..and second, when i looked at the honors award,. im looking for it on the front pages, at least before the presentation of the graduates from some branches of the school, but where did i find it? at the back..tsk tsk..what the heck? why did they need to put it in the back? are they not giving importance to those persons who gave too patience, hardwork and gave their best on their curriculum? they should be presented on one of the front pages before the graduates..why? because they stand out from the rest. and maybe your aking me why im reacting this way? to tell you what, my name is also listed on that page! one of the receipient of the award and honor. tsk im gonna wait another week to get that yearbook that we waited for more than a year..