Movies..Weekend Part 2


okay, i woke up last saturday around past 12 in the afternoon after watching 3 movies on friday night. and i continued watching movies and ate my breakfast at around 3 pm, and what was it? an egg sandwich, 2 pcs of egg sandwich i prepared for myself. and i locked myself on my room watching those dvds from my officemates., again thanks guy for lending me those movies. i just continued watching until 7 pm, since there are family gathering and we need to celebrate ate's birthday, and the location is the dampa on macapagal near MOA.

we went there around 8:30 i think were on Macapagal, and then i, my tita and the yaya got off to dampa to bought the foods that we ate, actually theres no use the yaya is there, cause she doesnt even wanna hold the fishes on the stall even my tita told her to hold it, tsk tsk. shes like a boss! im looking forward the time that she will get out of the house and get rid of our lives! wahhaha (oops, sorry, my devilish side).. okay, after we bought the food my tito came back to pick up us and we went to MOA.

we were at MOA till 10 pm and then after playing at TimeZone we went back to Dampa and ate our dinner, and guess where our maids sat? the one on the center seat, the seat that it should be my tito, and the other 2 maids, the yaya and her daughter, on the first two seats of the table. geez! gonna look them? its just like they are the boss and they dont know how to place themselves, i mean, i know im being mean and i admit that i dont like them but our maid before is not like that, i mean we treated them like member of teh family but still they know how to place themselves, and guess who are the last persons who got off the dining table? the yaya, her daughter and our maid. geez! i mean what the heck right? hahahaha..

and then theres one thing about the driver, we were in MOA, since he was the one who drove the car with my tito as his passenger coming back to fetched us at Dampa, im calling my younger brother on his cell to asked where are they, geez! my younger brothers cell is with the driver and he answered the phone,. i mean whats the reason to do that? you know that we are together? dont you use your common sense? oh god! im getting high blood at that time. i dont wanna mingle with them anymore. live their life without annoying other people. tsk tsk..then when we got home i started again watching movies and i slept the same time, around 3 am and woke up around before 12 noon.


Mon said...

it is hard to readb your account since you do not divide it into paragraphs.