Address..Results...Annual Physical Exam.


i went to HR's office a while ago because of the email of one personnel about SSS, if there are any changes in our information, since my address there is still my previous residence, i went and asked for the E-4 and also i got my results for my annual physical exam.

okay, first thing is the form, when i looked at it and looking at the address, i mean thats the reason why i got the form, there is no space in changing address. so i read the back of the form to only saw that the form i got is only for the change in status, birthdate, name and the other one i forgot. what now? i dont know what to do, maybe i will let it be that way.

then my results. what do i need to say first? that i cant live any longer? the reason? because of not eating veggies.! joke! of course gonna live longer, right God? okay, chest xray is okay, my vision is 20/20. but there are problems on urinalysis, they thought that i might have UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), on blood sugar (possible Diabetes), so i need to undergo FBS or Fasting Blood Sugar lab exam, i also have high blood and requested to see a doctor that will monitor my blood pressure for one week, and the last thing, tooth extraction. oh god! heres the needle still have 2 days before i went to the dentist and im gonna take my time to have the courage for that tiny needle (huhuhu)..what else? i think my lab results dont shrinked on me easily., do i need to tell ate about that? thinking...god speed!

david edward signing off...