geez! my explorer exited because of some problem with the memory and my previous entry is sabotaged! its kinda annoying and im gonna repeat it again, sigh! okay, what im talking about is my previous entry on what i did last weekend, i borrowed dvds last week from my officemates and till now im not yet finished watching all those films! whew! so many to be watch, hehehe..but thanks to ate jo, josh and kuya glen for lending me those movies. thanks and i appreciate it a lot,.

last friday was just an ordinary day, since there are no projects, okay, there is a project but it does not require most of your time, we had a meeting and what i didnt expect is that i will be the next representative of our team for the Yes Committee, i dont know what i need to do, what to expect and the least thing that i know is that im going to attend the next meeting but dont know when., thanks to those who voted for me and shouted my name! sigh.. after office, i went home directly to home and do some personal stuff (its secret for now and i cant reveal, i need to see the effect of it first) am i using drugs? of course not! its out of my list and my priorities, tsk tsk.. after i took a bath, im ready for my movie marathon. that night i watched three movies and two of it are i can say that i enjoyed. the first movie is a Korean movie, an 8 in 1 dvd, i cant appreciate the first movie so theres a tendency to fast forward the track, and i cant read the cover and the back label since the letters are printed on korean(?) letters? sorry. but anyway thanks ate jo for lending that dvd, maybe im gonna return to that and watch the remaining movies.

next movie is "The Thief Lord", the first time i gave a glance at the cover, i thought i saw Ron but he wasnt. poor eyesight! hhehehe...its just like Harry Potter on the cover and one thing i noticed is taht it should not use the tag line, "Harry Potter Move on" why? cause there are no magic tricks like what i saw in Harry Potter, its just an ordinary little boy story about two brothers that want to stay together. but i enjoyed the movie, no time for fast forward. hehehe.. The Thief Lord is son of one of the richest man from Venice and just want to grow old to do things on his own and without his fathers image and dictatorship. and to grow old, that comes the "magic" of the movie, the carousel that can make you old or younger, and the Thief Lord got what he wants., he became a liitle older than his age. see the review below for the story.

The Thief Lord tells the story of a group of kids on the streets of Venice, supported by a boy named Scipio, who calls himself “The Thief Lord”. Scipio provides all they need by stealing from the wealthy houses of Venice. As the story begins two young boys, Prosper and Bo join the group after running away from their aunt and uncle. A detective, Victor Getz, has been hired by their aunt and uncle to find the boys so they can adopt Bo.

In the meantime, The Thief Lord is offered a job he cannot refuse. In trying to carry out this job, Viktor starts to catch up to Prosper and Bo and Scipio is eventually revealed as a pampered rich boy, who steals only from his father, and is trying to escape his own life. The children decide to carry on with the job without Scipio and find out that what they are trying to steal is a piece of a magic carousel. This carousel can make the old young and the young old with only a ride on it. Scipio, determined not to be left out, ends up taking a ride on the carousel and growing into a man. Viktor finds Prosper and Bo and tries to turn them back to their aunt, who after a day with Bo, decides she does not want them anymore. They end up living with a friend, Ida Spavento, along with the other children, Hornet, Riccio, and Mosca. Scipio becomes an apprentice to Viktor and as his fame as a detective grows, he starts being known as “The Thief Lord”, not because he steals from rich families, but because it is said that he is respected and feared by all thieves, and can slip through houses in search of clues without leaving a trace.

the last movie i watched that night or morning rather is the Korean war that talks about the
relationship of the two brothers, that went to war and how the war changed the attitude of the older brother towards his younger brother. in this movie you can see and feel the emotion and it feels like you were also in the scene. it is a bloody movie which you will see people who have no arms because of the granade explosion, intestines coming out of the stomach, man who have no legs, and many more. the two brothers went to war because they were drafted to become soldier for the South Korean, and the younger brother has know nothing but just to study and that he has a heart problem, keeping him a hard time in the war, there was a scene in the movie that since the younger one is not use to that kind of situation, he had a problem in breathing and afterwards stopped breathing, so his older brother is thinking of him and asking him to breathe and they can go along the war, and yah, he did it and they fought the war together. but unfortunately the war changed his olders brother attitude. see below for the review.

Two brothers, one an out-of-school shoe shiner with aspirations of owning a shop, the other, a younger 18 year old intelligent student, are both forcibly drafted into the South Korean army at the outbreak of war in 1950. Begrudgingly shipped off and unable to find a way out of it, the older brother, Jin-tae decides the best plan to get his younger brother, Jin-seok back home alive is to earn a medal of bravery himself, and gain the privilege in return. Meanwhile, his less-war-accustomed brother begins to fear for Jin-tae’s life and doubt the “selfless” actions with cynicism.

Given mainly two characters, their family back home and a couple supporting army characters, Taegukgi doesn’t particularly care about creating an assortment of minor army buddies to tragically lose their lives slowly depleting the brotherhood that forms in their company. Instead, the film takes the brotherhood literally, and focuses on the tragic circumstances that affect Jin-tae and Jin-seok’s relationship. Jin-tae, played by Jang Dong-Kun, resembles Chow Yun Fat now, more than ever, in a number of levels from his vague resemblance, to the character’s selfless preservation and consideration for his brother’s life. Male bonding no doubt. Jin-seok is played out very well by Won Bin, who does a perfect job of filling out the character change from his na├»ve and frail arrival to his hardened and aggressive spurts later on. The conflict that arises seems to be rather run-of-the-mill, war changing people into monsters, skimpy Heart of Darkness sort of stuff, but it continues to evolve into a third act that uses the presently unique Korean theme of brother against brother, North against South, Korean against Korean, to make a tragic example of this particular situation.

and definitely the movie is a tearjerker one, why? i cried myself! thanks God that nobody saw me crying! first im trying to hold my tears and not to fall, but since you can feel the actors character and you can relate with the story, i cant help but my tears fell out on my face, and it was not just a simple crying session with myself, i make like "hagulgol" with matching "hikbi" while crying. hahaha..thanks God its dawn and all of the people in the house are sound sleep. even im done watching the movie, im still crying and i remember my grandmother who took care of me, and one scene that makes me cry is that when the younger brother told his older brother to say something, thinking taht his brother is no longer alive and only bones are found from the war . i really felt the younger brothers character, how he loved much his kuya and his family. and one more thing, bikoy looks like Won Bin, wahahaha...and i slept around past 3 am and woke up past 12 in the afternoon on Saturday.