i miss them..


i miss my friends. thats for sure. all of them..and while browing my phone's messages, there are some message that really touch my heart.

from gheena (i treat her as my sister since we celebrate the same day of birthday, and one of the closest friend i have)

si "edward"
1. Ay-bait
2. pero pamintas, sungit at arte
3. thank u kc lagi ka available xpcialy wen im down.
4. dq xpect na tataas ka ng ganyan
5. ganda ng mukha, alaga sa spa
6. cute xa pag2log
7. sana wag limot nakaraan at ang bataan
8. wag na ito! hahaha
9. gusto ko sabihin na salamat sa tatay at nanay nya sa paglabas nya d2 sa mundo para maging bro ko.,

those messages are worth to keep, and especially the people who sent it..Thanks Ghee for all! Thanks for being there and being my sister.

another one from someone else:

Tol, db kanina youre asking kung ano ka sakin?well, youre a saviour, a great brother, spiritual adviser, a good friend, i dont wanna loose you..youre a part of mah fuck*n life..thats true..

but as the sayings goes, there are some people who will enter your life and leave you after, but whats important is that you treat them as your friend, a real friend and you played your part very well. and hope that you make a difference in their life..