vacation is over...


3 days is not enough to have rest and gain strength (for what?).. 3 days are not exciting, it was the same, i just stayed home. on friday, i woke up before lunch and on afternoon went to St Lukes, together with my brother for he did some medical exams again, not quite tired, i went to Puregold and i bought some of my food stock at the office. thanks to Josh and to Ate Kei for the DVDs they provided and they let me borrowed those tapes, thanks!
Numbers (one of the series theyve lend to me), is like CSI, solving crimes but this time using numbers! yes, using numbers! they have mathematician in the FBI office to do all the calculations. and that mathematician is the brother of one of the agent. then, theres the Titan A.E., im not into cartoons, i admit that, but there are few that i want, and i enjoyed that movie so well,. living on a new earth. saturday and sunday i just stayed home and i did not get out of the house, but for me waking up around lunch time is an achievement for that 3 days. hehehe