annual hurts...


today is the judgement day! why? ive had my annual physical examination this morning and ill tell you,. the wound created by the needle still hurts..huhu.. we were there (we, because i did not go there alone, im with karleen this time.) around 9 am..first stop, filling of information on the sheets of paper, but God, im so nervous that time, afraid of the syringe, the needle and all of what will happen that time...waaah! and after that, first stop pathology, blood sample..shocks! im gonna die at that moment because of the nervousness i felt. the idea is sinking deeper and deeper into my mind, this will going to be the first time that the needle will touch my body or any part of it since last year pre-employment examination, and the feeling is unusual or rather to say soooo different..
then after karleen, it was my turn, karleen kept on teasing me about the syringe! geez! i cant stand it anymore, and when the girl told me to sit down, i asked her can i see the needle and when i saw it, i wanna cry! its so long and thick...eeww! huhuh...then she told me to relax and to breathe deep, and then i felt the needle entering into my body, and i felt every cm of it. OA? no! its true, even when she told me to take a deep breath again coz she will get that piece of metal out of my body. then after that, im still nervous. waaaah! station, Urine samples, Xray, dental (yah, the dentist told me that i need my teeth be filled with pasta, 1 or 2 i think., and to have 1 tooth extraction, and you know what im thinking again? the needle! it scared a lot of me).then after that on the optical, then i have my 20/20 vision examined and second to the last is the height, blood pressure and then the guy told me that im high blood having 140/90 reading. hmm...maybe because im nervous that time..and then lastly, the consultation, the general doctor. wahahaha...the doctor is so kind, he just asked some questions like if im smoking: NO, if im drinking: NO, if i have any disease? (sobrang lala, waahahah): NO., but i just told the doctor that my feet, yah, both had undergone surgery at st lukes because of ingroon, (did i spell it correctly?) but then he said that it doesnt matter, effect at all. then he examined my body using his stethoscope without removing any piece of cloth! and im happy about that! whahaha...than thats gonna get back on Monday..