I am An ANGEL of GOD..


it was a different dream, it was the first time that i dream like that and i must say a dream that i will treasure and find the meaning of it..curious whats the dream all about? well, here it is..

i dreamt of a good dream. it was like youre in heaven, the feeling is unexplainable. my dream started like i am sleeping, then GOD called me. someone lifted me up and i know that He is the one who get me. then when i open my eyes, i saw Jesus in my front and i kneeled down in front of Him, then there was light, the spotlight is on me. the color of the light is lightish yellow, then at the side, there were angels, looking at me. then Jesus/God spoke to me, HE chose me to be one of His Angels...God the feeling is totally different, there i was, with my creator, telling me that i am now one of His angels and told me that i must keep peace throughout the land, then He gave me a weapon, a soft triangle looks like a boomerang., then while i am flying away, its like the wind blows me to where i should be, then i look straight to the eyes of Jesus and i saw Him looking straight at me.

right there and there, its okay that i cannot wake up from my dream, its different, i feel so light after my dream, it was different, a once in a lifetime dream, i hope somebody can explain to me what is the meaning of my dream.


kei said...

astig nmn edward! sabagay maaalala ko tlga ung dream ko kng gnyan dn un. hehehe. painterpret mo kng ano meaning nun. sounds interesting e. :)