tuesday..july 11..ordinary day..


well, it is just an ordinary day for me. going to the office, going back home and sleep. hehehe..monotonous right? well, thats my life, i wake up in the morning, take a bath, prepare myself, wear my company id and im ready to go, do office work, then go home. when i arrive home, take a rest for a while then take a bath then im ready to sleep and lastly before i go to sleep ( oh i forgot, before going to bed i take my vitamins), i need to pray to God and thank Him for all the things that i have, for all the things that He let happen to me. and many thanks to Him, also asking for protection aside from saying thank you, actually when i say my first line of my personal prayer, i always smile cause its always "Thank you Lord for all the things that youve given me"..its always like that...my personal prayer is a bit longer well guys its not only for me, its also for you! hehehe...so thats it, im just living a simple life, sometimes when i want my face to have clean, i go to Bioessence and have a facial cleaning, its alarming for me when i see pimples on my face, well thats part of vanity. for vanity's sake as they say.
last night, i slept at around 10:30 and i woke up around quarter to 9. so making 10 hours solid of sleep., but my dream is different now, but its ok. yesterday i did 2 CR maps and both are defect free..i dont have plans for the weekend yet since the Baguio trip will not pursue due to some reasons of my officemates and i do understand. :)
last night, we exchanged text of one of my "brother & friend" from UP,. well, its pretty funny cause as the usual thing he shared stories especially when he got heartbroken, tsk tsk..poor little boy, so as i say my lessons for him, he asked if he can love me. at first, ha? why me? its not right isnt it? then he text me thats its okay if i dont want to, he said his goodnight and bye. well, i was a little shocked, but why did he say? until he text me that he wants to love me as his kuya. so i told him, ur OA, about your text, i thought it was a different love that you were talking, and told him that of course i can be his kuya. :) then he said sorry and asked me if he can be a good actor, naH! thats it before i sleep last night., im a little bit groggy at that time and im longing for that wonderful sleep i had last night.
so tahts it for now, godbless and goodluck guys..