saturday and sunday..


Today is July 8, 2006: 11:05 pm based on the laptop time.

Zone: of course, Phillippines.

hmmm,,what am i going to post in my blog.

lets start what happened yesterday. i came to the office at around 10 am and fortunately the project that i handled the night before didnt returned to me and it is defect free! yehey! my brain aches for that change request. hmmm,.so i was glad and happy because that is my first map for Quarter 3 and dont have defects. and i dont have a project for the whole day but there is a meeting with the project manager and the whole team at 4 pm, and after that meeting followed by the meeting with our director and the whole EDT. and after the meeting session, all those people who submitted their projects on time and less defects project were commended and given two movie passes, and i was happy cause i am one of the recipient of the movie tickets.

and i was being teased by my officemates cause im wearing a green shirt on the sleeves and plain white on the body cause also one of my officemates wear the same color green shirt on the sleeve and printed white on the body of the shirt. and the shades of green are the same, and thats the reason why i wore my jacket. after that, we had to transfer our things from our cube to the new cube assigned to us, so after i arranged my stuff in my new cube ( that was also my cube before i was transferred in my previous place, hehehe) we went to SM Makati, me and val, to see if the payment section is still accepting payment t unfortunately it was closed and the time is 8:30 pm.

so after that, we agreed to go to SM Megamall and we took the MRT, God! so many people are taking teh MRT and even inside the train are full of people, people outside of the train are still pushing to get in, geez! stop pushing people! cant you see that it is alerady full inside and the people are like sardines cause there are no space in between two persons, tsk tsk..then i heard one of the people from outside said, "Excuse me" just to get in, funny people. what made you say "Excuse me" just to get in when you saw these people like sardines inside the train? tsk tsk, then when we were in megamall, its already 9:20, so we ate at McDonalds, and then we decided to play bowling..we went home at around 11 pm, and had 2 sets of game.

and today, i woke up at around 11 quarter and text all my friends, all the person i know, which is in the same network my gud morning greeting...after that i slept again and get up in my bed around 3 that was almost 15 hours of sleep..hehehe...then val text me that they are in megamall together with ate el and ate goldie, so i headed to Megamall again this after noon, and then we stroll in the mall, then watched the movie "Love Wrecked" which is not a good movie in terms of story,. tsk after that we went to toy kingdom, then we went to ice skating but unfortunately they are already closed so we all decided to bowl again, we are separated into two groups, me, jeff and alfin on the lane 25, by the way, last night we played on lane 24, so val, herbert and ate goldie are on the lane 26. we scored higher than the other group both on two games and after that we ate at McDonalds again and headed to Mega A and i parted way because im going to take another way and they are going to north, so thats it for today, i dont know what time i will wake up tomorrow but let us see...goodnight people...ciao....