grade 2 to 5...


grade 2, i was under Mrs. Violeta K. Iguiko, so there it is..i passed grade 1 with honors with my very first teacher Mrs. Lourdes C. this year, what i remembered is most of my classmates are from the nearby barangays, so they have their lunch with them and have lunch at the school, and there was this "uso" wherein you can leave your bag at the room during lunchtime and you can exchange pens with your classmates,..grade 2 pupils are using pencils and one of my classmate then is using a pen, taht time i was using my brothers new pencil, so i exchanged my pencil to the pen for one day, when i got home for lunch, my father is asking for the pencil of my brother and i cant answer his question staright because i am afraid, (well, so must so say, i am no that close to my father) ..but things can never be kept and he found out that i exchanged the pencil with a pen, immediately he told me to come back to school and look for my classmate and bring back home the pencil of my brother and give back the pen to my i came back to our room and look for my classmate and told what happen, taht time i did not have my lunch yet, pencil is more important than lunch (wahahah..what the heck!) tahts the story of my pen..
then also in grade 2, i found out that 1 of my classmate (Marissa is my second cousin, hehehe) so since then we were close till college that we went into the same school. (in highschool instead of going to private school, i decided to followed her in the public high school in our town)..
grade 2, i met this friend of mine, Bryan Joseph Rafael because of one piece of paper, as a kid, we told each other that we are cousins and gave each other a sheet of paper (hehehe)..
and also this year, my father scolded me for always playing after class...(yah, its pretty obviuos that in grade 1 before i can play i need to do my homework)..but thigngs are different now...we dont have homeworks! that idea alarmed my father and being the PTA president decided to go to school and talked to my teacher and asked why dont we have assignments to do..tsk tsk..and after that incident we always have an assignment everyday...
grade 3, i was under Mrs. Adoracion Y. Salcedo ( im having a hard time recalling their whole names, hehehe)..oh by the way..i also passed grade 2 with honor, 2nd honor..grade 3, that is the time when i learned to sing in front of my classmates..i was so embarassed that i dont know how to sing then our teacher asked all her students to sing one by one in front of the class..and you know what song i sang? its the song that we sang in grade 1..heres the lyrics:
"fly fly the butterfly, in the garden is flying fly..
fly fly the butterfly"...
only 2 lines...then my classmate ReyVarie sang the theme song of Maalaala Mo Kaya, see..that time most of the people watched taht and even grade 3 students knew the song..hehehe..the highlight of my grade 3, is that it focused on the multiplication table, hehehe..i also did in one quiz, i did not use my surname santos on the paper but my middle name vicente, so when my teacher passed by at my place i held my paper back for her not to see, and shes looking at me like i did something very innocent! hahaha..
and from being 2nd honor in grade 2, i dropped on the third place and the worst thing is when the graduation comes and recognized all the honor students, only top two students are included in the list. so i dont have a medal on my 3rd grade.
4th grade under Mrs. Sonia Vergara, what i recalled on my fourth grade is that when there is no classes for one day, we're not going home straight but instead stayed at the room and played "bahay-bahayan" with my fellow classmates, friends..we're going to build buildings using the desks..if im not mistaken, i passed grade 4 on the third or fourth place..
5th grade under Mrs. Lilia Atienza, at this year when we moved from the old building to the newly constructed rooms. hehehe.. it is when we exhanged ballpens (me and shieka) and made an agreement on the paper dated on that date that we agreed to exchange pens and not to returned the pen to the owner. it is also the time, when we won as best costume in one of the schoolfest. the custome is made out of newspaper with creep paper lining and also we have a cap.
i passed grade 5 third honor..

next is grade 6..under Mrs. Luzviminda Vitug.