grade 6..under Mrs. Luzviminda Vitug


grade 6 is under Mrs. Luzviminda Vitug..on the sixth grade and my last year on my elementary, i joined the BSP and became the Scribe, the 2nd highest position, we also won in the municipal level in "sabayang bigkas" wherein i cried..hahaha..tears of joy...for the hardwork that we did on that one..i have my solo part there! hehehe..we are only chosen 3 to have a solo..we also competed on the division level but sad to say we lose,..and then me and dimple are always together, since we are going to another 2 schools in teh near barangay because our principal is the principal also of that school but fortunately she had the home base on our school..i think its pretty obvious that me and dimple are teachers pet of that school..hehee..we came early to school to open our classrooms and stayed late and became the last student heading home because we're going to close the classrooms...and it is also the time when i have a medal on one subject since ill be graduating 3rd honor, my teacher told me to give that medal to somebody else and of course, i chose Bryan Rafael for that medal...we're close you know..hahaha..(at that time)...then we had our NSAT, but on the fourth grading when the grades are tallied and the honors are being presented on the class, me being the 3rd, Dimple first honor and my cousin Marissa being the second..then all of a sudden the result of NSAT came and unfortunately i didnt scored high., when the grades are computed i only ahead of 1 point on the fourth honor thus making me to have my speech also on the graduation day..hehehe..thanks God...also i grabbed the "Most Responsible Leader Award"..minus the medal Bryan had..:)