grade 1 under Mrs. Lourdes C. Ramos


inspired by aaron lee's blog, im writing this stuff about my elementary days..hehehe..
i spent my elementary days in the elementary school near our house, our house is at the back of the school, you dont need to walk that long to get into school since there is the back-gate.
grade 1 year 1990, i was not officially enrolled in the class, it just happened that my tita personally know the teacher in one section, there are two sections in grade 1, Mrs. Ramos and Mrs. Villasis..before the child can go in grade 1, there is the standard procedure that all grade 1 students should be able to touch their ear on the left side using their right hand on top of their head..if you cant do this, youre not allowed to enrol for grade 1...tsk tsk..poor me...hehehe..i cant do that at that time, im pretty small..and still i was only 6 yrs old, the age allowed for grade 1 is 7, so im 1 year shorter to be in that i was saying a while ago, my tita know the teacher in another section, Mrs. Ramos, I-R..since im only 6 years old, shelet me enter her class but im not officially enrolled and considered me as "saling-pusa", okay..that was fine with me..actually i think the reason why my tita "enrolled" me that early is because i want to learn so fast that even when im not going to school, as long as i have my pencil and paper, i would copy the text in the book and there my handwriting became pleasant to read.hehehe..(that's why a lot of people told me that my handwriting was like for a girl).. so the classes began and im going to school like an ordinary student, act like an ordinary student, did all the works of an ordinary student, submitted all the projects the ordinary student had.i even experienced that when your noisy, there is the noisy people listed on the board by the person chosen by our teacher when she is not around, the teacher will pull upward your "patilya",..and you will really have to say "aray" because it really hurts (try it to urself, hehehe)..then there's also the mongo on the bilao,. your going to kneel that, your two arms widely spread and there are one book at start, when the book landed on the floor it became two and so on and so forth..i experienced all that, even i am only saling pusa..i never thought that my teacher is giving me grades like an ordinary student to all of the subjects. so when the year end, im expecting nothing since im not officially enrolled and have to enter again the grade and at this time, i am OFFICIALLY ENROLLED..hehehe..but things changed when the teacher called my aunt and they talked about something that is related to me..then i knew that when i am officially enrolled that time, i will be having a second honor since i have a high grades than the other grade 1 students which are my, for my effort not to be wasted, they changed my birthyear from 1984 to 1983 so that i can be 7 years old at that time..hehehehe..nice idea! i like i passed grade 1 with 2nd honor medal...thanks to Mam Ramos..i learned a lot from her, shes the one who open me and thought me the basic..that everyday we have an assignment and right after school i need to do it before i can play with my playmates..for the whole year round, that was my routine, after school before i can play, i need to finished first my homework...

to follow grade 2...hehehe.I am under Mrs. Violeta K. Iguiko.