i got home last friday night and i met on the street our maid and asked me if im going to laguna with my other relatives, and right there, my question was "what are we going to do in laguna?", "are we going to have a vacation"?, "is there a party to celebrate?"..well, those are the questions keeps running on my mind. the time i entered the house and see the person inside, i asked him why the people in the house are going to laguna? he said that the father of my cousins wife had died that morning,,.and now its clear..its not a celebration. there is no party to vacation..its time to mourn..right there and there i text ate and asked if i am going with them and she told me yes..okay..i packed my things, clothes, towel, toiletries, etc,..and again, my mind is entertaining so may ideas, there is "where are we going to stay?", "how many days are we going to stay there?". "and Lucban is too far, is that the place where the dead be buried?"..geezz...i cant stop my mind from thinking those i have my travelling bag ready..then when i stepped down on the sala, ate called me and told me that we were going to laguna only and that were going back to manila the next was a relief..i have a play the next day..
it was 10:30 pm, were on our way to laguna. my tita, tito, cousins, maids, niece and nephews,. and when we got there at the place, there was no other people but only relatives of the person who was buried there. we went home at around 4 am and i was really really tired. whole day of work then after going home, im on my way to laguna..only have 3 hours of sleep for that day..