my college life...


i thought i will never recall and make a blog about my college days...but i really missed my college days.wherein you dont have to worry anything but to pass your subject and then nothing follows, i know its not easy to be a student, lots of pressure are in, the expectation of the people around you, though some close friends understands that you also have your weaknesses as a student.
it was november 2001 when i transferred from Columban College in Olongapo City to STI College Edsa Crossing in Mandaluyong to pursue my bachelors degree in computer science..well i can say that i changed a lot, before was im a shy type of person and will not talk unless provoked. so when i transferred in STI, i myself thought that i will still be the same old student like in olongapo, an average type of student who did all the school works, passed the projects and answer the professors questions during recitations..i expected the same manner of teaching, well on my first day at STI, i was shy on the classroom and looking at my classmate who looked like they knew each other easily. well, i am who i am, i was staring at them and waiting for someone to approach me and talk to me, by the way, i dont look good and maybe tahts the reason why some people dont come to me to talk, then i have few friends on the prelims, mostly girls, cause i can easily cope up with their characteristics, and then on one subject, we are all boys, we formed a group of 4 or 5 guys i think on that subject and evrytime we are on teh same class, we are always next to each others chairs, hehehe...after the prelims, i knew the whole class, each and every person, well that was my friends network become wider and broader, i was makign good on my academics and of course im gaining friends.
When i transferred in STI, at first i was amazed because there are only few people in one class, unlike in olongapo, taht we are one block and about 60 persons in one room..
I can say that STI taught me a lot, i gain my own confidence, well sad to say but before i transferred in STI my confidence was -0! yeah! thats because of STI, i found the real me, what is in me and who is open myself to be the real me, and give the best that i can be.on that first year, i gained the trust of my blockmates, that my professors let me feel taht i can do it..well thanks to them and i owe them a lot!
its been four years at STI Edsa Crossing, full of memories, sad and happy, people come and out of my life, new classmates every semester and new professors, but we need to continue to have our diploma in our own hand.
at first i thought and expected that studying at STI is better because it will give me a job after i graduated and im secured to that. but what i overlooked is that STI open me to a lot of opportunites out there, that it boosts my confidence, that i can make things on my own decision, that i have my own mental capability to share with others, it opens a lot about me. well, i can say that i knew myself better now than before..i now know my own strength and weaknesses..though i may say that ive been also through ups and downs in my life...
STI is not purely academic, i must say that our professors touched our life in their own way..that they teach us not only waht is written on the manual but also the real life experiences..i personally get in touched with my professors, and to my professor in Physics 1 and Physics 2, who i've known that she support me all the way, a person that i can told my stories, no more no less, which i can be the real me, like a son talking to his mother, i owe you a lot, thanks for the lectures, thanks for everything, thanks for the advises youve given me and believing me that i can soar are really a mother to all of us and to me..Ma'am Alley Dioso, thanks for really thankful that i met such a great person in you.thank you for everything, maybe im saying this thank you for all of my life...
i graduated college with flying colors. yes..i graduated cum laude. just as one of my friend told me, your hardwork will be paid off...and indeed it happened..i marched to get my diploma on the 30th of May 2005 and now im working as a software engr in an IT company here at Makati City.
STI prepared me, from simple person from the province to a person who is me right now, thank you to all teh people that i met along the way and especially in STI Edsa Crossing, who knows me very well from teh start, the struggling Edward before is now the same Edward you knew, thank you to all the persons that i meet..thank you STI for molding me and shaping me who i am right now., because of STI, i can definitely say that i found my own self that is lost a long time ago. God speed to all...need to go back to work...hehehe