nokia care center..


im gonna put that story in my experience at the nokia care center in glorietta 3.
actually, i wanna go there even before...not to buy a new phone but have my phone a repair. Yes.Repair..but my phone was not literally damaged but my phone need a software update for the 3g thing..actually it has to do with my texting lifestyle..i usually send messages three or more times a day to all of my friends, officemates..the problem is that when i am in a 3g area, of course my phone signal will turn into 3g and then im going to have a difficulty in sending text messages and not to mention the same thing happen when receiving its kinda makes me irrate, it came to my thought that the server for my text message is delayed or is it really because of the 3g signal? well, it is really the 3g signal on my phone, and the worst thing is that i cant turn it off cause it doesnt have a menu for that one in my phone. that comes in the software update.
last monday i also went there but due to popular demand, most nokia phone software needs an udpate, and a lot of people is in the place so the personnel told me to leave my phone and theyre going to have it updated but im gonna get my phone the following day, of course i refused! how about my pals? my officemates? my texting habit? tsktsk, so i left the place and told the person that i will come back.
so this is the day that i came back to that place and luckily im 2nd on the line, of course, most people at 12 noon are eating their lunch and me? falling in line to have my phone software updated. when its my turn, the personal first noticed that my phone was not made from finland or whatsoever land, he asked me where did i bought my phone and i told "kuya" that i bought my phone in "wellcom", so sad that my phone software is based on nokia italy (what the heck! i didnt saw any italian letter on my phone and im using it for almost a year now! tsk tsk,) so the personel told me that he can udpate my phone software based on nokia philippines software but my phone is not under warranty so i need to pay 550 for the software i agreed to pay the amount, then here comes the news! he told me that when updating the phone software, it might have a power failure and next is that a hardware failure. and when that happen i need to leave my phone to them for 7 working days for repair and after that the worst thing i heard is that im gonna pay P8,000! pesos for the hardware that business! tsk i told kuya not to take the risk but he kept asking me twice to have my phone software updated since the risk is only 20% i think. nah! nevermind! so i think this is the right time to have a phone udpate..hmmm..i will miss my phone definitely..tsk tsk...and then after that, going back to the office is not easy, i walked too long for the loading station of the bus, grr! its so hot! and im sweating! thats the problem with me, i sweat easily and when im sweating, i am really sweating and i cant stop that but to stop and to have my body temperature cooperate in the climate outside..tsk tsk..poor i smell bad? nah! of course not! hehehe..