Happy New Year!!!!


this will be my official first entry on this year 2010. well, this is my first time to experience new year outside of the country. well, the reason is because i have work and i did not able to file a leave and we are only 4 in the team that was left, but at the end of the day that is okay with us. we hope that next year it would be different. ^_^

December 31, we planned a lot of things to do before the new year's eve. thought that the boss will allow us to work from home but then it was not permitted because we have contractor's in the team. they will be left in the office if we decided to work at home.

plan changed. we will not cook anymore at the night before the new year. literally, we were here in the office on new year's ever. it was like it is just a normal day for everyone else though we know that it is new year and we should be celebrating and making noises.. oh well, the effect of working at night. anyways, we greeted each one of us a happy new year though.

we got off from work 2 hours early so as early as 6 AM we were on our way going home. and at the same day we had a bad news. the grandpa of our friend passed away and she is also our housemate. after some crying scene and composing herself, she's back to normal. well, what can be done on a dead person? nothing else but for you to cry.

things went back to normal that day. the plan pushed through. we cook all the food that we planned to cook and prepare. for new year we had - spaghetti, leche flan, ham with pineapple, liempo, cheesecake, quezo de bola, fruits, soda. and we are only 5 in the house.. hahaha.. we had a lot that day. eating every once in a while. and the following day we added buttered shrimp. ^_^

we also went to mall and watched 2 movies. after that, going back home and we had videoke sessions - did i tell you that i bought that mic on the day i went back here and the reason why i am the last person to check in? lolz..

oh well, that is how our new year had passed. hope everyone had a good new year celebration. ^_^