why cant i sleep


why why why??? i really need to have a good sleep coz i am sleepy during work hours at the office.. waaa.. after submitting my timesheet today and finished around 3 PM, went to bed but then after two hours (based on the clock) but it feels like its only minutes to me, im here again alive and kicking. sigh.. i dont know why my body is alive and have the rush.. all i wanna do is to have a good sleep, a good rest so that tonight i can close all my tickets. bad..

my database issue is also hunting me in my dreams. oh no!!! talking about work in my dreams.. how about that??? its getting back again.. i need to recharge.. recharge.. and recharge..

i wanna sleep.. a good sleep.. sigh.. its my problem this week.. i dont know how to make now a good sleep. :( sad.


RJ said...

Naku, magkaka-eye bags ang model niyan. U

Siguro marami kang iniisip, Edward.

David Edward said...

@kuya rj, sobra.. dami dami.. hayz

jaja said...

wag ka kumain or uminom ng matamis before matulog ^^