and a lot of issues coming in


and the deadline is very near.. can i cry??? waaa..hay.. sigh.. hay.. im going crazy nowadays.. i dont know.. i really dont know.. the migration should end by Dec 1. anong petsa na??? 26??? ilang araw na lang, my mga issue pa sa environment at sa reporting..

okay. kasi naman ewan ko ah, i looked at the schedule talaga and I did not see my name in any of the task (unless nabulag ako that time and i made a mistake of not seeing my name in the project plan), so alam ko wala akong gagawin but to check lang if everything is working fine when the migration date comes. nagugulat ako ngaun kasi my mga issue and ung manager ako ung tinatanong ng tinatanong sa mga issue.

first thing, di ba my entry na ko here regarding the database import / export. basically, i am not an Oracle DBA. but i did that kind of job because of the DBA here in the office said that we can do it without their help because we have permission. fine! this is the task na nagulat talaga ako na ako pala ung gagawa kasi that same night lang sinabi sa akin na ako iyong gagawa. and napagalitan pa ko na if i knew daw what i really needed to do. if i read the documentation, blah blah.. okay.. i said sorry.. lumampas sa dapat na task na gagawin, pero buti nga i asked di ba. kasi kung hindi patay tayo lalo jan..

natapos iyong task na iyon with the help of my lord god nairaos ko iyon, sa tulong na rin ng team ko. so next stop? my issue sa environment di ako makapagsearch ng processes na running.. bakit??? yan din ang mahiwagang tanong ko.. why oh why.. so now, i opened a ticket to the software vendor and tried already the solution he gave. but still at this point in time is still not working.. i already escalated it to the third level and i wish and hope that they are doing something about it.. wala po akong training dito.. so i really dont know ano ung mga dapat galawin.. but based on the facts that i know, dapat it is running. hay.. ewan ko talaga..

next issue on hand.. the cognos reporting.. again, i dont have a formal training about cognos software.. but then, the issue came in when i checked the entries after i did the import of the data from one server to the other. there are duplicates in the report. which is definitely not there!!! why on earth there are duplicates entry.. and the answer i also dont know.. i am not the developer who created the report. and i am not the developer who created the tables. i dont know their relationships, blah blah..

i double checked the database entries and took some random numbers, and found out that the database dont have a duplicate entries.. so my first guess would be right.. there might be some issue with how the report was made. and why is it showing duplicate entries..

i escalated it again to the person who made the report. he said i need to recreate blah blah.. and i asked for the documentation on how to do that.. he said, he need some time to do it and on friday he will give it to me.. okay, Friday then..

ang dami pang issues.. hay.. sana matapos na ito lord god.. please.. ang hirap po kasi pag di mo naman alam ung mga dapat gawin but then sa iyo pinapagawa and i also dont know if this is part of my job kasi environment/platform issue na cya.. one thing is for sure, i am learning through these things.. and i know i can make it through.. wish me luck..

thank you lord god for the talents and blessings you are giving to me.. thanks thanks..